10 Surprising Benefits to Pilates


This refreshing mind-body workout doesn’t just improve your core strength and flexibility; it has a wealth of benefits that under the surface that you might not realize!

Pilates is a universally beneficial exercise for people of all ages and body types. It has increasingly grown into a mainstream practice that is integral to your health and well-being, and is even being recognized by professional athletes that are taking preventative measures to protect their bodies from the wear and tear of their respective sports.

Here are 10 surprising ways that Pilates can benefit your health, strength, posture and your positive outlook on life.


1. Relieves Arthritis and Prevents Osteoporosis

Pilates helps strengthen the body and its resistance from arthritis spreading into further. With improved mobility and reduced fatigue, you will start to see a slow and steady decline in pain as you embrace the practice. For many clients that deal with arthritic pain, Pilates helps them by easing some of the pain in their joints, providing more energy, strength, and a more comfortable lifestyle. When you move in new ways and “surprise” the bone, you can activate the bone tissue in new ways.

2. Improves Bone Density

Bone is dynamic tissue that responds well to resistance and weight-bearing exercises. In fact, resistance exercise, such as Pilates, involves muscles pulling on bone to create tension, which fortifies the bone.

3. Fights Depression

“Pilates forces you to focus inward for the duration of the workout, concentrates on detail, form and execution, rejuvenates the mind and restores the spirit. I sometimes think the benefits are almost in line with those of meditation,” says Alycea Ungaro, author of Pilates: Body in Motion and The Pilates Promise. Pilates helps to control your mind to fight against depression – because the exercises require a lot of focus, helping you stay in the moment and feel a sense of control.

4. Combats Neck Pain

Neck and upper back pain is closely related to poor posture during prolonged smartphone use, according to a recent report. Between the neck and shoulder, there are many muscles, nerves and fascial connections. Pain in one area can easily lead to another. Pilates exercises helps to balance the muscles around the shoulders, which support the neck as well.

5. Promotes Weight Loss

According to a study by Michelle Olson, Ph.D., of Auburn University, the caloric burn during a Pilates workout ranges from four to eight calories per minute, depending on your intensity.

6. Benefits Women During and After Pregnancy 

Pilates supports the postural changes pregnant womens’ bodies go through as the belly grows and the back starts to sway more. Pilates exercises can strengthen the muscles of the pelvic floor, which is very key for recovery in post pregnancy. While some women may feel running is uncomfortable, Pilates eases tension and relieves aches by stretching and strengthening for a more invigorated feeling.

7. Heals Sports Injuries

Pilates works to rebalance the improper bio-mechanics that repetitive movements can lead to. Pilates instructors are movement experts and can identify imbalance in your body, while working with your core muscles to create support by aligning the muscles around a joint evenly.

8. Wards off Stress

In modern life, stress is one of the biggest negative factors. It affects physical and mental well-being just as much as disease does. Frequent exercise is one of the best remedies for stress and has many benefits.

Tight muscles acquired through constant stress and strain can hinder your mobility leading to tension, aches, and pain. Pilates promotes flexibility and mind-body balance.

9. Eases Back Pain

It is estimated that 85 to 90% of people will suffer from back pain at some time during their lives. With that being said, Pilates is a great vehicle for easing this tension. Pilates strengthens the core to support the back, teaches proper alignment and provides gentle stretching for tight back muscles due to misalignment and overuse.

10. Enhances Your Endurance

In higher-intensity forms of Pilates, you can go from exercise to exercise quickly, which moves the heart rate up into the aerobic zone.

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Petra Baethmann