About Pilates

Pilates helps you find your core support and move your body in a functional, natural, pain-free way at any age, well into your 90s.

All movements originate in your core, leading to better posture and stronger control over your body’s movements. Pilates strengthens this by helping you be mindful of your body’s movements and reinforcing the bond between mind and muscles.


Rewire Your Body With Pilates

Everything is connected in your body.

A pain in your neck could indicate a misalignment in another part of your body. Or when one area of the body is weak or disconnected - the entire body will react.

Pilates helps you wake up your body and helps you learn to move to avoid (or rehabilitate) shoulder, back, knee or foot pain. It is essentially re-educating your body to move in a more aligned, natural and efficient way to decrease the chances of injuring yourself. 


Pilates for Rehabilitation

At Sphinx Pilates, our instructors are educated in the anatomy and movement biomechanics of the body.

We work closely with health professionals such as Osteopaths, Physiotherapists and Acupuncturists to build out comprehensive instruction and guidance in a safe environment.

Our rehabilitative focus is:

  • On the deepest postural muscle connection
  • Finding internal support for the body
  • Helping you reconnect to muscles you couldn’t find
  • Close observation of movements executed in the correct way – with precision
  • Coaching you to take preventative measure from reoccurring injuries.

A History of Pilates


Joseph Pilates’ vision and understanding of the body has inspired millions of people around the world to practice the series of exercises that bear his name. He lived his life dedicated to improving his health and the health of others, starting in Germany before transporting his knowledge to England and New York City. Ahead of his time, he began developing his mat routine in the early 1900s. He developed it further while incarcerated in a hospital in England during World War I.

Attaching the springs from hospital beds to bedposts, he created rehabilitative exercises, which he developed further into the Pilates equipment and exercises we know today, most notably the Reformer. Along with Ida Rolf, Mosche Feldenkrais, F.M.Alexander, Joesph Pilates’ concepts of the body and conditioning has helped millions of people improve their posture, strength, and physical performance.