What is ELDOA?

ELDOA is a revolutionary stretching and strengthening technique for the spine and joints of the body. These exercises create space between every level of your spine, your hips and shoulders, to alleviate back pain and improve your overall posture.

Created by world-renowned Osteopath, Guy VOYER, DO the ELDOAs were created to target every level of your spine to create space and normalize the tension around each vertebrae. The result is postural normalization and a renewed strength and balance throughout your body.


The Benefits of ELDOA

ELDOA connects your body, mind and spirit through a series of techniques designed to have a calming effect on the nervous system.

When we stretch the fascia that surrounds all the muscles, organs and nerves in our body restrictions are freed and a calm, balanced feeling takes over. You feel revitalized with more energy, and your body feels aligned with a cleansing feeling in your deep body tissue.

You will find that this profound experience is a way of life – and not just an exercise method. Perhaps you'll see it as meditation for your spine (especially if you can't sit still). Within the action of an ELDOA you will find stillness - it's profound and gets into every fibre in your body.


ELDOA will help you to:

  • Increase your blood flow,

  • Improve your athletic performance and recovery time,

  • Increase disc hydration,

  • Breathe better and age well,

  • Stop suffering from back, neck, abdominal discomfort, poor posture,

  • Fix slow digestion, 

  • Reduce joint inflammation,

  • Battle depression and a lack of energy,  

  • Avoid surgery to your spine, hips and knees, 

  • Battle sciatica, and help with arthritis in your hips or spine


Episode 1

Find out about ELDOA and what it can do for you!


Is ELDOA Right For Me? 

ELDOA is one of the greatest tools you can learn to prolong the life of your joints, cure back pain, prevent injury and have a greater sense of well being.

As you age, gravity pulls you down and forward if our spinal structure is not aligned. ELDOA keeps you aligned and healthy at any age and beat the spell of gravity.

It’s all about joint ‘de-coaptation’ – the ungluing of a compressed joint, which means less pressure on the joints of your spine and pelvis. The result is back pain relief, a re-hydration of spinal discs, a decrease of arthritic and neurological conditions, an increase in well-being and a self-induced calmness of the mind and body.

If you want to avoid surgery, ELDOAs are one of the BEST tools to have.

“I spread the gospel of ELDOA to everyone I know. I’m hooked – I’ve noticed a huge difference in my mobility. It has literally changed my life. We did the SI joints and OMG is was amazing”

- Renee D.

I simply LOVE ELDOA. I feel a genuine deep stretch all the way into my core, really almost like deep body tissue maintenance. My Muscles feel more toned, my posture is better, my neck is stronger. Definitely recommend it. 

- Deb F.

ELDOA has changed my life…my knees and feet have become stable and supportive, my back no longer aches…a gently profound experience.

– Mimi M. 


History of ELDOA

The ELDOAs, developed by French Osteopath Guy VOYER, DO, target every level of your spine to create space around a joint and normalize the tension around each vertebrae. The result is postural normalization and a renewed strength and balance throughout your body.

Born in Marseille, France, Guy Voyer is internationally known for his osteopathic expertise and his extensive background in the field of sports, manual therapy and medicine, which includes degrees in physical education, physiotherapy, sports medicine and traumatology.

Guy’s two main areas of study, research and teaching are:

  • Somatherapy through the treatment of fasciae, viscera, pelvic axes, hormone chains, pumping and sensory organs.

  • Somatraining through physical and sports training based on back techniques (ELDOAs), myofascial stretching (MFS), analytical muscle strengthening and targeted proprioception.


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