Our Approach

We keep class sizes small to a maximum of 4 students to make sure everyone gets individual attention from the instructor.

Our tailored approach to group classes allows us to observe and monitor your movement as you progress – something that is not always possible in larger classes.

We understand that every body is different, and we adapt exercises to work within a person’s limitations so that over time those limitations become strengths. When you participate in one of our group mat classes, you will find that Pilates & ELDOA™ not only build strength and support your posture– they can be really fun too!

(note: the following prices are subject to HST; and 24hr cancellation)



Regular spot in a weekly Pilates and/or ELDOA class for the year.

1 class/wk - $120/month ($30/class)
2 classes/wk - $228/month ($28.50/class)

Pay for 4 classes at a time for a 3-month period, with an auto renew option (dependent upon availability).
Choose from the list of group classes at the bottom of this page and request your membership. If you can’t commit to a specific class you can choose to join a different class weekly!

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Request a Membership

Step 2
Pay for Membership


Private Classes

Whether you prefer practicing alone or in a group, are a beginner or an advanced practitioner – our private lessons make the class all about you.  

Our highly qualified instructors will design a program specifically to your needs and will work with you to ensure you move your body correctly to obtain maximum benefits.

Our studio contains a Reformer, a Cadillac, a Wunda Chair, Spine Corrector and a Baby Arc. All of our private sessions will involve using one or more of these. The Equipment is used during private sessions only.

Private Classes  Monday – Saturday
Intro Starter Session  (includes postural assessment) $90
1-session  $90
5-session pkg  $415 ($83/session)
10-session pkg  $800 ($80/session)
Duet (2 person)  $120 ($60/p.person)



Great way to check out the studio!

Classes can be booked 4wks in advance
Expiry: 4wks after purchase

To get the most benefit we encourage you to sign up for regular weekly classes via a membership!

Drop-in class – $35/class


Remote Classes

Private Classes via Skype or Facetime.

ELDOA or Pilates classes through video link in privacy of your own home.


In-Office Classes

Tired of being plagued by “sitting syndrome” at your desk?

Our Spinal Health Workshops aim to keep your back, your mood and your mind strong at work while hanging out with your colleagues/employees